Will Susan Be Promoted

Susan is a purchasing assistant for an American company. After one month, she will face a new job change. Will she stay or be promoted? She was very worried. Because now there is a very challenging Christmas promotional gift keychain project. When she told us, it was already December 10th,  only 2 weeks away from Christmas. And the budget for this project is not sufficient.


For the past 6 months, Susan has been in good contact with our colleague Jie. She found the keychain catalog that Jie had sent to her before, there are some simple styles that were perfect for promotional gift keychains.like below:


Jie send a very competitive offer to her and checked that Awards Gift CO.,LTD with stocks so far for this keyring.that means,project can be finished in a short time.


It is a happy ending.


If you are interested in our keychain catalogue or looking for cheap custom keyrings welcome to email us: info@awardsgift.com


Silver Giveaway Promo Keychain (1).jpg

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Mascot Keychain (5).jpg