Clown Pins Brooches

Clown pins brooches AWS-LP-206 Festival pins for halloween Custom design


Clown Pins Brooches
Clown Pins Brooches (4).jpg

Happy Halloween !!!

If you are looking for impressive clothes pins for halloween decoration.

The clown pins brooches is a suitable choice for you reference.

Item Clown pins brooches
MaterialZinc alloy
PlatingBlack nickel
LogoDomed sticker
AttachmentSafty brooch

Female clown pin and male clown pin

There are two type of clown pins brooches available for order.

-- Female clown pin

-- Male clown pin

Clown Pins Brooches (1).jpg

For female

Clown Pins Brooches (2).jpg

For male

Custom design is welcomed,if you have request please send to :

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