17th Asian Marathon Championship Ended Successfully

Yesterday morning, Vanke's 17th Asian Marathon Championship and 2019 Dongguan International Marathon started in Dongguan. As the highest-level intercontinental marathon event in Asia, this year's Asian marathon championship attracted 42 athletes from 16 countries and regions to compete with more than 30,000 Dongguan marathon runners, and experience the "Bay City , Quality Dongguan "charm.

17th Asian marathon championships

In the end, Kameno Land from Japan won the championship with 2 hours, 12 minutes, and 18 seconds. North Korean player RI KANG BOM and Japanese player Matsuo Ryo won silver marathon race medal or copper marathon running medal. The women from North Korean name RI KWANG OK, with a score of 2 hours 30 minutes and 56 seconds win half marathon gold medal this time. Japanese  Uesugi Maho and North Korean KIM JI HYANG won two or three.

This event is hosted by the Asian Track and Field Federation, the Chinese Track and Field Association, and the Dongguan Municipal People ’s Government. The theme is “Dong · Invite Asia to Run · Win the Future”. ), This event will be held for the second consecutive year. As the only intercontinental marathon in Asia, Dongguan is also the third city in China to host the event after Beijing and Hong Kong.

The 2019 Dongguan International Marathon (hereinafter referred to as "Guanma") will also be held during the event. This year's Guanma attracted 43,600 people to sign up. After the lottery, 30,000 people were qualified, including 600 overseas runners. There are 4 events including full marathon, half marathon, mini marathon and carnival fun run, so that runners of different levels can run happily together. After fierce competition, Liu Zhaoying and Lin Jie won the men's and women's full marathon gold championships medals respectively; Li Dongxing and Yin Xiaoyu won the men's and half women's half marathon gold medals, respectively. There are all from China.

17th Asian Marathon Championship (3)

This year's Guanma also specially invited celebrities from all walks of life who have made important contributions to the economic and social development of Dongguan to form a special square, participate in the carnival fun run, and cheer up the runners. Characteristic squares include scientific research experts, local entrepreneurs, people from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, labor models, Dongguan moral models, talents, chief technicians, and famous artists.

17th Asian Marathon Championship (1)

This year, Dongguan has also held international sports events such as the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup and the 2019 Asian Figure Skating Open, showing the country's and the world's economic and social development achievements. With the successful holding of Vanke's 17th Asian Marathon Championship and 2019 Dongguan International Marathon, Dongguan once again showed the charm of "Bay Area City, Quality Dongguan" to the outside world.

2019 Dongguan international marathon (1)