2008 Beijing “Golden Jade” Olympic Medal

The medals for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were based on the “Golden Jade” scheme. The matches with gold, silver and bronze were white jade, green white jade and sapphire. This is the first time in the history of the Olympic Games to use two different materials to make Olympic medals. The scientific name of "Golden Jade" is called "Gold and Silver inlaid gemstone jade", and its history can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. The reason why "golden jade" is gorgeous is in the word "inlaid". It relies on continuous tapping to inlay gold or gold pieces into the pattern.

2008 Beijing Olympic Medals (2)

The front of the sports medal is the Greek Victory Goddess standing in the wings of the IOC and the Panathinaiko Stadium in Greece. The back is inlaid with jade (Chinese gold, silver and bronze) from the ancient Chinese dragon pattern. Inlaid with white jade, white jade and sapphire, the jade is engraved with the emblem of the Beijing Olympics, "China's sign, Dancing Beijing". The medal hook is evolved from the traditional Chinese jade Shuanglong Puhua, which looks like Shuanglong, and it seems like Xiangyun is floating, and it is compatible with Yupei. The sling of the medal uses the Xiangyun pattern of the Beijing Olympic Games, which means peace and harmony. The entire medal is distinguished and elegant, with rich Chinese characteristics, harmoniously combining Chinese culture with the Olympic spirit. 

The concept of “Jade Bide” fully expresses the high respect and praise of the winners of the Olympic Games, and the creative application of jade to Olympic medals perfectly reflects the unique interpretation of the Olympic spirit by Eastern wisdom.

2008 Beijing Olympic Medals (1)