Event date: 10th March 2019


On the morning of March 10, 2019 Hainan (Sanya) International Marathon opened in the beautiful crown of Sanya, attracting 1778 players from all over the world to participate in the competition. Hainan (Sanya) International Marathon, with its tropical natural beach runway scenery, the country's premier "Coastline" track, attracts many runners from all over the country and around the world to gather in Lucheng and run with Sanya.


The medal design of this competition is unique, which greatly integrates the tropical coastal city scenery of “Oriental Hawaii” Sanya. With the marine scallop as the creative inspiration, the design concept of “the most beautiful shell in the world” has added the unique sun of Sanya. The special elements such as bougainvillea, waves, and coconut trees are designed to be medals for opening and closing. 

Run with Sanya Marathon Medal


The color of the medals is mainly based on the main visual color of the event, the ocean blue, and the concept of the seashore is enlarged. The medal interior is placed with the event information and the content of the finish, forming an internal and external response.

2019 RUN WITH SANYA Half marathon medal2019 Run with Sanya 5K medal

 The lanyard of medal are also mainly based on the main picture color, and the shell elements are used as the main renderings to form a tropical coastal visual element with the medals. There are 4 medals in this competition: Malaysian medals, half-horse medals, mini medals, and couple medals (half marathon). At the same time, according to different project medals, the color is also differentiated.

lanyard for run with sanya marathon

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