2019 International Triathlon Union Medal

What does the 2019 International Triathlon Union Medal looks like ?

The 2019 version International Triathlon Union Medal with same design as 2018 years version.made by die casting zinc alloy material which is widly used to make medals with cut out design.

There are gold medal,silver medal and antique bronze medal for 1st,2nd,3rd winners.

Each medal hanged with blue medal ribbon with white printing.

It is classic design medal in shape of ITU ring logo ( 3 rings ),the bottom ring size is bigger than top two rings,there are engraved text arround the circle: International Triathlon Union on front side.

Competition information printed on the center of this ring.


Introduction for International Triathlon Union

The International Triathlon Union was established in 1989 as an international sports organization that promotes the development of triathlons and two (bicycles and long-distance running). It is a member of the Summer Olympics International Federation of Individual Sports Federations and a member of the International Federation of Individual Sports Federations.


There were 179 games in 2019, held in different countries and regions around the world. On last sunday (22th Sep 2019) there is event which held in China that is 2019 Weihai ITU Triathlon World Cup.

Below is photo for winners are awarded triathlon medals.