2019 Wei Ya Banquet In Awards Gift

Following the cleaning of the workshop yesterday, Awards Gifts Co., Ltd. has ushered "Wei Ya Banquet". 

What is “Wei Ya"? 

One legends says that the character “ya”  referred to an army's battle flag. Before each battle, soldiers would worship the flat for victory. Gradually it became a worship ceremony for businesspeople, farmers and others to pray the god of earth for protection and good harvest. In south Fujian area, it is held on 2nd and 16th of each lunar month.

“Wei” is the tail or end of the year, the time for an annual banquet, frequently held in Minnan areas on the 16th day of the 12th lunar month. Typical meals include chicken, fish, pork, rice cake, tofu and wine.

The "Wei Ya banquet" is a year-end feast of the company's boss to invite colleagues in the company, in order to comfort the hard work on weekdays, only held this once a year. Now, eating "tail teeth" has gradually evolved into an important year-end party for the company. After summarizing the work of the year, the boss announces important decisions, and even the year-end bonus distribution is performed at the "tail teeth feast". Around the 16th of the lunar month, large and small enterprises have to hold grand banquets and parties. The big bosses, the chairman and the general manager, who are rarely seen, will attend in person, and some will bring their families. They often change their usual serious and rigid faces, dress up as characters in film and television works or fairy tales, and have fun with all employees. After the sumptuous dinner, there was a big party and a lottery. The company executives, employees and guests sang and danced together, performed shows, entertained themselves, intervened in the middle, and enhanced the atmosphere.

Awards Gift CO.,LTD Wei Ya Banquet

Summary for 2019

Affected by the Sino-U.S. Trade friction in 2019, the order volume in the U.S. market declined, and the markets in Europe, Australia, Asia and South America increased.

The factory has introduced new production equipment and technology, including 2 automatic die-casting machines, 1 automatic water-mill polishing machine, 1 automatic stamping machine, 2 automatic coloring machines. 1 automatic UV printing machine.

The total production increased by 27% year-on-year in 2019. Among them, the output of medals, keychains and bottle openersincreased most significantly. The total production of badges has declined, but sales have increased. Mainly high-value and high-quality enamel pins and hard enamel badge orders. Including the Harry Potter badge series, the Avengers badge series and the 2020 Japan Olympics badge series and many more.

In 2019, we received 22 domestic and foreign customers to visit the factory. On average, 2 new customers came to visit and guide our company every month.

Looking forward to 2020

Let's seize the day and live it to the full, and cooperate with you to create a better future!

Awards Gift CO.,LTD