2020 Disney Princess 5K Medal

During  February 20 –23, 2020,Go to Walt Disney World Resort and join the princess 5k running and win disney princess 5k medal.


Moana is Disney's Ocean Princess and an Adventure Princess.

To Celebrating Disney’s “Moana,” this year’s medal is inspired by the ancient gem, the medal in stone looks like,and our princess Moana standing on front of medal,there is a big green gem behind her side.

 2020 Disney princess 5K medal

Photo copyright belongs to Disney

As a descendant of the sailing family, Moana was encouraged by her grandmother to explore the nearby islands, but her father would not allow it. So Moana secretly rowed off the island after the death of her grandmother to find the legendary island to complete the ancestor's unfinished voyage 1,000 years ago.

Personally, I think this medal is not finished good, especially the moana's face sculpt, it looks very sloppy, which is not consistent with the brave and optimistic character of moana.

Disney princess Moana

Photo copyright belongs to Disney

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