2020 Trend Of Fashion Colors For Enamel Pins

There is no doubt that enamel pins is fashion accessories.it has become more and more popular these years.

What is new trend of colors for enamel pins at 2020 spring and summer?

The authoritative organization WGSN released the trend of fashion color in spring and summer of 2020, which not only led the fashionista's wearing, the matching of home design but also influenced the color matching trend of gifts & premiums design,such as lapel pins.

The five colors are:


Green seems to be very popular in recent years. The previous avocado green, now the mint green, is a fashion attitude that is very youthful and able to show personality. Mint green combines light blue clarity with green vitality, revealing vitality in soft and serene.



Honeydew orange seems to be the sweet and delicious cantaloupe in the midsummer, so that people can have a colorful and happy mood in an instant, no doubt will become the sweet and beautiful color of spring and summer 2020. The eye-catching honeydew melon orange will be the heart of the girls, giving people a very energetic, happy sunshine vitality, even a small area of embellishment can become a bright spot in the space.


Purist Blue is a clear blue, sea-like, inclusive and deep, giving a feeling of comfort and refreshment. At the junction of the blue sky and the sea, indulge in a clear blue. According to relevant surveys, blue can make people unconsciously relax and relax.

Purist blue


Blackcurrant Violet is a rich purple and powdery purple color that blends the elegance of purple with the gentleness of pink. Fantasy and mysterious, giving the dining environment a unique charm, both stunning and not tacky, each design is extending romance.


Mellow Yellow

The ancient golden mellow yellow is bright but not too bright, the color is lighter, and a touch of yellow reminds me of the yellow dress when Belle and the beast dance in Beauty and the Beast.

Mellow yellow

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