2020,win A Marathon Finisher Medal

I guess many people's 2020 New Year's dream is to win a marathon finisher medal.

christmas tree with bib numbers

Do you want to decorate a Christmas tree like this?

2020 is here.Does your New Year plan ready?

I guess, many people's New Year's dream is: complete a marathon, harvest a marathon finisher medal.

Marathon is naturally close to sports, extreme, active, sunny, healthy, challenge and other words, so it is taken for granted that it is on the dream list.

But, although many people have it in their New Year's dreams, few people realize it satisfactorily.

After all, running is a systematic project. From 0 to 1, continuous polishing is required. The safest time for a little white user to run a marathon should be about six months. If it is too short, muscle strength, physical fitness, endurance, All failed to meet the requirements, either running very dangerously or running into injuries and crashing.

How many people can set aside six months to prepare for a New Year's wish?

Most people will simply and rudely run for a month and ca n’t wait to report a race. Therefore, there are a series of incredible behaviors such as short-circuiting, cycling, etc. In this race, the dream of cutting corners and self-deceiving is at best one What's the point of nothingness and dreams?

If you want to run a marathon in 2020, it is actually very simple. Just change the way you set your dreams. Set a small goal: complete a 10 km.

This goal is not big, and does not require a long time, 3 months, 14 weeks, running 3 days a week for 100 days.

After completing 10 kilometers, set yourself a small goal: complete a 21 kilometers. It also took 100 days to complete slowly.

Finally, it took another 100 days to challenge the real 42 kilometers. Although the 300 days took a long time, but because it was completed in stages, not only did it not feel boring, but it also had the thrill of upgrading and playing monsters. There are so many dreams in the New Year, and the dreams that are created overnight are so boring. It ’s the coolest to take a year to realize slowly.

Do not overestimate your own ability, nor do you underestimate your perseverance. 2020 will not be a year of disappointment. You will definitely receive the most precious marathon medal.