4th Generation Door Opener Key Coming

If there is a door opener which has multi-function but with similar cost as normal EDC door opener tool,will you willing to buy?

Of course i do.

multi function door opener (1).jpg

The 4th generation EDC door opener keychain is Awards Gift CO.,LTD 

R&D product,our engineer team spend half month to create design and half month to test sample.before that,there are 2nd and 3rd version,but finally we decide to launch the 4th generation to market.because it is perfect!

Compare with other no-touching door opener on the market,our keychain with more functions such as:beer opener,screen touch pen,keychain and so on. Custom logo can be done,welcome to order: info@awardsgift.com

Ok,let's see how is it work:

Pull the door (1).jpg

Pull the door

Pull the door (2).jpg

Push the door

door opener can do screen touch.jpg

Screen touch,i have to say sooooo fluently!!!

door opener can open beer.jpg

Beer opener,best EDC tool in summer time :)

Here is video version on youtube: