8 Tips Before Purchase Challenge Coin

Awards Gift CO.,LTD Factory reminds you:

8 tips in the production of challenge coins can save and greatly reduce the energy and time for users to make challenge coins.


Tip 1: The number of challenge coins produced.

The company's administrative department will count the list of on-the-job staff who are qualified to issue challenge coins and work years.


Tip 2: Make a coin design artwork for the challenge coin.

In most cases, professional challenge coin manufacturers will provide challenge coin production design drawings for free, and the company's design art will also be used to design and produce the embossed artwork.


Tip 3: Make a quote for the challenge coin.

Find more challenge coins on the Internet to compare manufacturers, shop around, and see which challenge coin factory has the advantage of price and good value for money.


Tip 4: Determine challenge coin cost.

These expenses, including the cost of producing challenge coins, shipping cost,import tax and so on.


Tip 5: Find challenge coin factory

Awards gift co.,ltd is professional challenge coin factory in China with good quality and service.


Our advantage


1, Free artwork design and quotation

2, Small quantity order accept

3, Price advantage

4, Service professionalism

5, Fast delivery

6, Quality guarantee

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Tip 6: challenge coin production contract.

In addition to the challenge coin production contract provided by the challenge coin manufacturer, it is best to submit it to the legal department of the company for another review.


Tip 7: The production process of challenge coins.

Please look for the national standard gold and silver raw materials, special coinage technology, fine metal steel mold, production casting, mold stamping, three-dimensional relief.


Tip 8: The quality of the challenge coin production.

Your satisfaction is our main goal, we will make quality products for you, and we will welcome you to customize it.

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