A Marathon Medal So Beautiful,is That Useful?

A marathon medal so beautiful,is that useful?


A large part of those who like to participate in running competitions are to win the medals.

And regardless of whether the medal is beautiful or not, the medal itself makes sense.

In fact, this is due to the 1972 Olympic marathon champion Frank Schott, whose champion gold medal has made more and more runners in the United States realize that as long as the marathon is completed, there should be a medal. So from the next year's New York Marathon, there is a habit of giving medals to each finisher.

This habit has continued to this day, and "increasingly!"

As more and more ordinary people participate in the marathon, they are eager to show the results of the completion of the game, hoping others will see their honor. Therefore, hanging the medal on the neck has become the most direct way.

Copper Finisher Berlin Marathon Medal (2).jpg

Finisher medal

Copper Finisher Berlin Marathon Medal (3).jpgMarathon medal

The commemorative medals, which were originally only coin-sized, are getting bigger and bigger. The current marathon medals are at least as big as a fist, or even bigger. Moreover, the marathon finish medals have also emerged in the design, material selection and production process. This is the externalization of the evolution of the medals.

As mentioned above, marathon medals need to be considered more and more in the production process, and the results are getting better and better. In other words, the marathon medals are getting more and more beautiful.

"Once, only winners got a medal. Now, last-place finishers get at least one—and can get more by participating in frequent-runner programs. ‘You can walk away from one of our events with three or four medals around your neck,’ says Cassidy Runyan, a race-registration executive with Competitor Group’s Rock ‘n’ Roll race series.”

It is precisely because of this unique way of awarding medals that the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon has become the hottest event series in the United States.

For ordinary runners, the medal is a sign of honor. Beauty is a must, because it can be noticed by more people. For the competition, any new promotion of the medal can directly drive the number of applicants, and the medal is also the embodiment of the personality of the game. .

Medals are useful, if you are a little more beautiful, it is more useful!

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