Accept Pins Karneval Köln 2019 Order

The Köln Carnival is also known as the "Fifth Season" and is the grandest carnival in Germany. It opens on November 11th at 11:11 on the old square in Köln.

We are now ready to produce large amount of 2019 Karneval Köln Lapel Pins,welcome to order.

The protagonists of the Cologne Carnival are clowns and madmen. During the festival, people are full of strange clothes. Everyone is immersed in joy, and all shops will close at this time. The parade is the highlight of the festival. Every year, many people watch the parade on both sides of the road and get the candy from the team. The Cologne Carnival will last until February of the following year.

This led to the creation of many karneval pins and badges designed with clowns and madmen.

Jahre Frankisches Volksfest Antique Lapel Pin (1).jpg