Another Batch Of Medals Has Been Completed

Lovely saturday morning !

The breeze blew gently, the bright sunshine covered the earth, and when I got to work, the driver from shipper compan already parked car at the shipping position.

I say hello to him and tell me that our worker will bring goods to here.

He return me with a smile also and said: It's ok! and asked, "do you ship every Saturday morning"?because he this is the fourth time he came to pick up goods at saturday morning."Yes"i answered,"not only saturday,friday also"

After 10 mins,Our workers brings trailer here,there are 50 cartons on trailer.each carton with 100pcs silver medal with ribbon inside.each pieces of medals be finished more than 10 production processes and passed 6 quality inspection processes before is last 3 weeks from medal sample be confirm to finally finished.the customer very satisfied with our products quality and efficient communication.what's more he already booking medals from us for 2020 events.

3 hours later,these medals will be loading on sea warehouse. 

And after 35days,my customer will receive them.i can imagine that they will love these medals as we are.

When talk about produce medals, our factory is professional. Our company is equipped with 2 automatic die casting machines, which can be produced 24 hours a day, to meet the customer's requirements for production time.

Welcome to mail us for your design and order requirements.