BAA Announced:124th Boston Marathon Cancelled

On May 29, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and the host Boston Sports Association (BAA) announced that the Boston Marathon, which had been postponed until September 14, was officially canceled and changed to an online marathon.

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For a tournament that lasted 124 years and did not even cancel the terrorist bombing, this decision was very difficult.

Tom Glick, CEO of the Boston Athletic Association, said: "The safety and health of the event is our primary goal. Although we cannot bring Poma in September, we will bring the 124th game in the form of an online game like never before."

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As early as March 13 this year, the Boston Athletic Association has made adjustments to the postponement. At that time, the organizer planned to hold the event on September 14. CEO Tom Glick said in an interview, "do This decision was made because the epidemic could be controlled in September. "

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In the face of the new crown epidemic that is spreading throughout the United States, the Boston Marathon, which was not canceled in 124, will ultimately not escape the fate of the suspension.

"From the current situation, we cannot allow all contestants to conduct a marathon while maintaining social distance." At the latest press conference held in Boston City Hall, Boston Mayor Walsh announced With the decision to officially cancel the Boston Marathon in 2020, the 5km event originally scheduled for September 12 was also cancelled.

Boston now has 12,634 confirmed cases and 627 deaths.

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"We support the decision made by the government." Gric admitted that the cancellation of Poma was a huge regret, but for the safety of participants, volunteers and staff, the Boston Sports Association can only compromise and make up for the regret in the form of virtual race .

According to the announcement of the Boston Marathon official website, the 124th Boston Marathon will be held online from September 7th to 14th. Athletes participating in the virtual 2020 Boston Marathon will be required to complete a distance of 26.2 miles in six hours. And provide time proof to BAA. All athletes who complete the virtual competition will receive an official Boston Marathon athletes t-shirts, medals, and athlete numbers.

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As the leader of the marathon, the Boston Marathon will undoubtedly be followed by many competitions.

The virtual marathon will undoubtedly become the largest international event in 2020, regardless of time and place. Welcome to contact us for customized virtual race marathon medals. Let us work together to reduce spreads of epidemic!

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