Bloodhound Win Half Marathon Medal

Ludivine. It is an  Bloodhounds living in Elkmont, Alabama.

But she is not an ordinary dog. She is often attracted by the sound of people cheering and entertaining. she participated in a marathon and win finish medal.unbelievable!

Bloodhound win half marathon medal (1)

Of course this cute dog doesn't know what a marathon is, but she knows what a happy crowd looks like, so before the marathon, she was attracted to the starting line by people's laughter. After the marathon began, Ludivine was happy to run with everyone and became a part of it. Interestingly, it seems that she is not difficult for the marathon. She kept having fun on the road. She smelled flowers along the way, chased rabbits, and even played with some cows, and win race medal by finished the race in seventh place!

Bloodhound win half marathon medal (3)

Other runners also like her very much, everyone is very happy and excited. This cute dog won a marathon medal for her achievements, and the organizing committee changed the name of the marathon to  “The Hound Dog Half” to commemorate her and interesting events!


This half marathon in the rolling hills of Elkmont, Alabama. The course starts in the centre of Elkmont and then drives towards the country on the rural road of Saki Rolling. About 7-8 miles after the start of the race, the runners will leave the road and drive into the old L & N railway bed, now known as Richard Martin Trail, and is part of the Rails to Trails Conservancy, where they will perform the final 5-6 Miles of half marathon.

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