Boston Marathon To Be Postponed

On March 13, according to the US media Sports Center, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced on Friday that the Boston Marathon has been postponed to Monday, September 14 local time. This is the first delay in the marathon in 124 years.

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The Boston Marathon began on April 19, 1897, and was the world's first urban marathon, with only 15 runners participating. Since its inception, the Boston Marathon has been held annually. It's never stopped, usually in mid-April. Prior to 1986, the Boston Marathon had followed the ancient Greek way. The winners were rewarded only with a crown made of olive leaves and a trophy, but no bonus. The total prize money in 2013 was more than $ 806,000, and the champion could get about $ 150,000.

Every April, runners from all over the world will work hard to achieve the BQ standard. The bombings in 2013 and Kawanai Yuhui's counterattack to win the championship in 2018 have become unforgettable memories of runners.

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The epidemic is only temporary, and I believe it can be recovered soon.

Nothing can stop us.

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