Chinese Holiday And Vacation Days

If you dont get answer from Chinese supplier at working days,don't be mad,maybe they are on holiday time.

Here is list for chinese holiday and vacation days,made by Awards Gift CO.,LTD professional metal and plastic awards gift supplier in China.

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2019  Chinese Holiday And Vacation Days    ( List by )    

No    Date    Holiday Name    Vacation days    Remark    

1    1st Jan    New Year's Day    3day    30th Dec-1st Jan    

2    13th Jan    Laba Festival    On work    Traditional festival    

3    28th Jan    Little year    On work    Traditional festival    

4    5th Feb    Spring Festival    7day    4th Feb-10th Feb    

5    19th Feb    Lantern Festival    1day    19th Feb    

6    8th Mar    Women's Day    Half day    International festival    

7    5th April    QingMing Festival    3day    5th April-7th April    

8    1st May    Labour Day    4day    1st May-4th May    

9    7th June    Dragon Boat Festival    3day    7th June-9th June    

10    1st July    Hong Kong Reunification Day    HK holiday    

11    1st July    Chinese Communist Party Building Day    

12    1st Aug    Army Day    

13    7th Aug    Chinese Valentine's Day    

14    15th Aug    Zhongyuan Festival    

15    13th Sep    Mid-Autumn Festival    3day    13th Sep-15th Sep    

16    1st Oct    National day Holiday    7day    1st Oct-7th Oct    

17    7th Oct    Double Ninth Festival    

18    11th Nov    Singles Day    National Carnival Shopping Festival    

19    28th Nov    Thanksgiving Day    International festival    

20    20th Dec    Macau Reunification Day    Macau holiday    

21    24th Dec    Christmas Eve    International festival    

22    25th Dec    Christmas Day    International festival    

23    26th Dec    Chairman Mao Birthday    

Not all festival with holiday time,we will at work for some festivals.