Ching Ming Festival Holiday Notice

Ching Ming Festival Awardsgift.png5th April is Traditional Ching Ming Festival In China,it is the most grand festival of the Chinese nation. It is a cultural and traditional festival that respects the ancestors and carefully pursues them. The Festival embodies the national spirit, inherits the sacrificial culture of the Chinese civilization, and expresses the moral feelings of respecting the ancestors and respecting the ancestors. The Festival has a long history, originated from the spring festival activities of the ancient times, the Spring and Autumn Festival, the ancient has been. The formulation of the ancient cadres' calendars provided the preconditions for the formation of festivals. The ancestral beliefs and sacrificial cultures were important factors in the formation of Qing dynasty ancestral rites. The Ching Ming Festival has a long history and is the synthesis and sublimation of the traditional spring festival.


                             Ching Ming Festival holiday notice

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On 5th-6th April,we will have 2 days off and we will back to work at 7th.

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