Clean Up Workshop Before CNY In 5S Standards

Our production work at Lunar 2019 has been successfully completed.Thanks for all your support.

In order to welcome the new year, in order to create a better working environment for employees, in order to increase customer satisfication, we have cleaned the workshop according to "5S"( Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke) workshop management standards:

1) Refresh the shop lane markings

2) The production tools are fixedly placed, the production materials are classified, and the production waste is uniformly loaded in 2 containers.

3) Check the service life of fire-fighting supplies: fire extinguishers, fire hoses. The safety exit sign is always on, and the safety sign is hanging correctly.

We are focus on produce high-quality awards gift for events and competitions such as: medals,coins,lapel pins,badges,bottle opener,keyrings,tie clip & cufflinks,money clip,bookmark,lanyards,wristbands...

Wish to grow with our customer together at 2020.

All the best!

Awards Gift CO.,LTD

Awardsgift pounching workshop.jpg

Awardsgift-Pounching workshop

Awardsgift die casting workshop.jpg

Awardsgift Die casting workshop

AwardsGift Stamping production workshop.jpg

Awardsgift Stamping workshop

Awardsgift mould storage.jpg

Awardsgift Mould storage workshop

Awardsgift polishing workshop.jpg

Awardsgift Polishing workshop

Awardsgift enameling workshop.jpg

Awardsgift Enameling workshop

Awardsgift inspection workshop.jpg

Awardsgift Inspection workshop

Awardsgift packing workshop.jpg

Awardsgift Packing workshop

Awardsgift Sewage treatment  workshop.jpg

Awardsgift Sewage treatment  workshop