Determines Game Winner By Tossing Coin

You didn't read it wrong, although it was unbelievable, but the coin toss decided that the game really happened.

In the 2014 Incheon Asian Games cricket match, a group match for men's cricket was determined by guessing the coin, and the Kuwait team was directly sent to the quarterfinals. In the men's cricket B final between Kuwait and the Maldives, it was impossible to proceed because the locals had been raining, and the referee tossed the coin to decide the outcome. Kuwait’s Bastaki Muhammad was fortunate enough to guess the positive, and the Kuwaiti team won the first victory at this tournament.

kuwait win by guessing the coin

The last time you used to guess a coin decided to go back to 1968. Before the promotion of the penalty shoot-out rule, the 1968 European Cup semi-final used the method of winning the coin. In that game, Italy and the former Soviet team tied in 120 minutes, according to the rules to determine the outcome of the game there are two ways, one is to use coins, the second is to choose the day to replay. At that time, the two teams actually agreed to use coins to determine the outcome. As a result, Italian captain Facheti was lucky to guess that Italy entered the finals and won the cup.




There are also rules for coin flipping in some sports. There is one in the rules of the Chinese Football League. If the two teams have the same points, they can decide the ranking by lottery, which is similar to the rules of the World Cup. There are similar rules in the NBA. If the two teams have the same record, they will flip the coin in the finals to decide which team will get the home advantage.