Disney Reveals New Trading Pins

The trading pin collectors and Disney fans noticed that at this autumn Disney launched a series of "Hidden Mickey" cast member lanyards, these pins can not be purchased at the store, can only be found on the Cast Member lanyard in the park and obtained through trade.

Disney pins (3)

If you are going to Disneyland and Walt Disney World, the following attractions may have hidden badge sets.

Walt Disney World Exclusive

Walt Disney World will launch 4 exclusive Hidden Mickey pin sets

Mickey pin (3)

Including Peter Pan's flight, Carousel of Progress, Dumbo, Horizons, the Great Movie Ride, and the Haunted Mansion, chaser pin is a purple carousel, The country bear (with 6 trading pin designs), small Bambi (includes Bambi pin and its mother), Mickey Shorts Black and White Collection also very adorable.

Disneyland exclusive

Disneyland also launched some cute badges with new designs!

Disney pins (2)

Includes musical instrument pins.

A weather vane series lapel pin.

Disneyland “D” pins series, Mr. Toad is also on one of these.

The three pig series badges will also be very interesting. There are 6 badges. It consists of 3 pigs and 3 houses.

In addition, there is a shared badge that can be found in Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Disney pins (7)

Please pay attention to your eyes, grab some pins and start hunting. Happy Trading!