Duathlon Medal Winners At 2019 SEA Game

There are two course for duathlon at the SEA game which held at December 2nd and 5th at Subic bay in Philippines.that is standard course Run 10KM-Bike 40KM-Run 5KM and Super sprint distance Run 2KM-Bike 8KM- Run 1KM.

It’s been 12 years since the Duathlon was last featured in the SEA Games,here is result for standard distance:

Gold medal winner include Lim Kien Mau

Silver medal winner,Malaysian Jason Loh Chwan Chyin

Copper medal winner Singaporean Benjamin Khoo

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gold silver copper medals winners at SEA Games 2019

Jason is a date center engineer in Kuala Lumpur and had been running for more than 10 years and training full-time and continuing to work closely with his coach on his training plans.

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