Flies On Coins

As long as I talk about flies, I believe that no one likes them. They are filthy and dirty, accompanied by bacteria, unable to catch up, killing, and have super prolific fertility.


However, the image of such a rogue and villain has been on the money of a country. This country that brought flies to the coins and gave the flies a top honor is Australia.


It turns out that Australian flies have also lived in filthy places, and the hard-working Australians have eliminated all the filthy land on which flies live. From the city to the countryside, from the valley to the riverside, the clouds are like grass and flowers like carpets. The flies that have lived in dirty environments for generations have suddenly lost their homes.


In the end, the Australian flies were desperate. In this country, they can no longer find a dirty and stinking place. Flies hate human beings for destroying their habitat and let them lose the foundation of their existence. The flies had to change their eating habits in order to survive.


After many attempts by the ancestors of flies, they finally found a new food for them - plant juice.


Of course, they are not accustomed to this kind of food, but in order to survive, they have to curse humans and swallow this hard-to-swallow thing...


In this way, generations and generations of incense, the flies living in Australia, have long forgotten their habit of eating rancid food, their eating habits are exactly the same as the noble bees, eating nectar. At the same time, flies also assume the responsibility of bees - imparting pollen to crops and trees.


Ugly turns into beauty, dirty turns into cleanliness, and low-lying sublimation is noble. The Australian flies crawled out of the spoiled mud and turned into a cute little angel, which was favored and respected by people.


Australians certainly like flies more and more, and this little creature has contributed a lot to their good life. So, they let the flies enter the room and flew to the 50-dollar bills issued by their country, so that people will always remember the flies for the country.


The story of Australian flies is too much for us. When we complain, we should think about how Australians can transform flies. Even the flies can be transformed. What else can't be transformed in the world?