Flora Duffy Wins Gold Medal In ITU Event

At 15th Aug 2019,Tokyo Thursday morning, Flora Duffy won gold medal for 2019 World Triathlon Olympic Qualifier in the most unexpected way.

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Who is Flora Duffy.

Born and raised in Bermuda at 1987, Flora Duffy OBE started her triathlon competition at the age of seven and has twice won the ITU World Championship. She represented Bermuda in the 2012 London Olympics and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the Commonwealth in 2018. Received a gold medal in sports.

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Flora's season was shortened in 2018 due to a foot injury to the Yokohama WTS. After that, for the first time in history, she won the Bermuda WTS competition. In the game, she led the swim to the finish line, the island. Many fans on it are delighted.


On November 17, 2018, Flora Duffy received Prince Charles' Medal of the British Empire. OBE was awarded for its triathlon service in Bermuda and around the world.


2019 Tokyo ITU World Triathlon Olympic Qualification Event

Is held at Tokyo at 15-16th Augest 2019.for elite the course include: Swim 1.5km Bike 40km Run10km.

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This was the first game of the Bermudian who was injured a year later. On bike race course she showed her long-standing signature strength and rhythm, and she showed perseverance throughout the game.


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