Have You Bought A Discounted Commemorative Coin?

In 2018, US President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un were scheduled to meet in Singapore on June 12.

However, the international situation has changed dramatically. The two sides of the meeting suddenly announced the cancellation of the meeting.

This decision made the White House souvenir shop unprepared.

For this historic meeting, the White House souvenir shop in the United States booked a batch of 24 k gold plated commemorative coins for sale on the official website.

trip coin for Trump-Kim summit

There are two commemorative coins, one with a price of $24.95 and one with a price of $75.

The commemorative coin has the words "peace talks" in English and Korean, with the flags of the United States and North Korea as the background. The front is the scene where Trump and Kim Jong-un face each other. On the back of the coin is a White House, Air Force One and President. The picture of the seal is very commemorative.

If the meeting be canceled,the white house souvenir shop can stop selling,that’s it !while they decided to make a discount.

The original $24.95 commemorative coin was sold for $19.95, while the $75 priced 

commemorative coin was sold for $59.the pages of the White House souvenir shop couldn't be opened. Some people speculated that the amount of purchases might be too big.Because This commemorative coin is actually a limited edition, a total of 250 issued.

a discounted commemorative coin

If the talks are canceled, this commemorative coin is more valuable. It represents another possible trend in history and helps future people understand the current international relations and environment.

If the talks continue, this commemorative coin, as originally supposed to be designed, records the important meeting of the leaders of the two countries and is of course of particular value.

The most dramatic is that on 1st June, Trump announced that the meeting will be held in Singapore on June 12 as scheduled.

After hearing the news,the White House gift shop, it is estimated to cry in the toilet.

How lucky are those who brought a discounted commemorative coins !