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In the dictionary of word and word origins with the aid of william and mary morris, they give an explanation for the time period "church key" as follows: "when I surpassed on through my newspaper column a query from a maryland reader about why "the tool that punches a triangular hollow in a beer can is called a church key," i acquired plenty of causes. included was one fun script - absolutely a one-act play - purporting to show that the name was coined through a couple of hung-over acolytes.

But then i had an evidence from - where else? - milwaukee, the beer capital of the sector. it appears so authentic that every one other theories might also now be put aside. for one thing, mr. j. r. oberhofer, an vintage-time brewery employee, mentioned that the expression church secret is an awful lot older than the device that leaves a triangular hole in beer cans. indeed, it is going back to early days of the brewing enterprise, when beer become first dispensed in bottles. 'the expression church secret is vintage within the brewing enterprise,' he wrote. 'i worked in a brewery for approximately 35 years and all and sundry carried a bottle opener or church key, possibly so known as as it seemed like the pinnacle cease of the kind of heavy ornate key used to free up church doorways.

I'm enclosing an old relic this is approximately 50 years old. it's fabricated from solid iron and from its weight and look, you can see its resemblance to a church door key. with the approaching of cans within the brewing commercial enterprise, the bottle opener gave way to the can opener that makes the triangular marks - but the call church key became clearly transferred to the new tool.' mr. oberhofer absolutely did send the cast iron bottle opener, and the evidence seems to me totally persuasive. thanks to him for settling a question that has perplexed me for many a 12 months."