How To Deal With The US Tax Increase


On August 24th, the US announced that it would raise the tax rate of about 550 billion US dollars for China's exports to the United States. 

The $250 billion product that has already imposed a 25% tariff will increase from October 1 to 30%. On the 1st Sep and December 16th, the 10% tariff will be increased to 15%.

Some of US retailers,also announced on their website for all products price will increase 20% now.

Finally,consumer have to pay higher cost for same item.

The original intention of international trade is to exert comparative advantages. Each country exports its own superior products and imports its own scarce products, which is conducive to regulating the supply and demand relationship in various countries' markets and promoting the full utilization of production factors.

Tax increase is not conducive to social progress.

As retailer and importer,How to deal with the US tax increase ?

1) Order in advance, complete purchases and save costs before the new tax policy is implemented.

2) A comprehensive understanding of the tax increase list to determine whether the purchased goods are in the tax increase list.

Here is website which can check tariff schedule in US.

AWS tariff schedule 2019

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3) Switch to indirect procurement,for example,Avoiding the high tariffs by purchasing the US directly from China and purchasing it from the Canadian office to China.

indirect procurement

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