How To Distinguish Medical Mask And Civils Mask

There are three different type for blue masks,there are Civilian masks,medical masks, medical surgical masks.

Even though there are looks very similar,but there are different on material,usage occasions,production standards.

1 Materials


The disposable mask consists of 3 layers, which are

1) 25g water-repellent polypropylene spunbond fabric, effectively blocking the droplets

2) Meltblown cloth around 25g is the filter layer

3) About 25g hydrophilic polypropylene spunbond fabric, which absorbs moisture during the main action

Although medical masks and civilian masks are almost the same, but the quality of the middle melt-blown layer is not the same. 

According to the different melt-blown cloth used in the middle, it is divided into civil and medical.

The filter material used for civil masks is ordinary melt-blown non-woven fabric with a filterability of 35%

Meltblown non-woven filter materials used in medical masks must undergo electret treatment, and the filterability is 95%

2 Usage occasion

facemask civil use.png

Daily use

facemaks -ordinary medical scenes.png

Ordinary medical scenes

facemask hospital operators.png

Hospital operation

Civil masks have only the barrier effect of droplets. The melt-blown layer of the medical mask can achieve the virus filtering effect.

Medical masks have no blood blocking function and are suitable for wearing in ordinary medical scenes.

Medical surgical masks are suitable for wearing during surgery, laser treatment, isolation and dental or other medical operations, as well as airborne or droplet-borne diseases or wearing because of their good waterproof performance and particle filtration efficiency; they are mainly used by hospital operators.

3 Producttion standards

For different masks, China has different implementation standards

Civil masks, the implementation standard is: GBT 32610-2016

Medical masks, the implementation standard is: YY / T0969-2013

Disposable medical surgical masks, the implementation standard is: YY 0469-2011

Buyers are advised to distinguish carefully when looking for suppliers.

We solemnly promise that all masks and other PPE materials entrusted to us are meet China's export standards. 

Resolutely resist unqualified products, safeguard customer rights and interests, and contribute to the common fight against COVID-19 viruses.