How To Make A Medal For True And False Making

To better distinguish between true and false medals, you must first understand what the medal is. In our country, medals are generally used to commemorate events or people of great significance, including collection medals, decorative medals and badges. The badges include identity badges, art badges and practical badges. Today we mainly talk about collecting medals.

Understand what the medal is, and then we will talk about how to distinguish the true and false medals.

Identify the method of making a medal:

Observe the surface finish of the medallion, natural patina, enamel coating, electroplating gloss, background pattern, text features, etc. The surface layer of the medallion is dark, light and dark, and is an important basis for distinguishing the authenticity of the medal.

The authentic medallion is bright, with bright paint, strong adhesion, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

The commemorative medals are usually painted with paint. The lacquer has a layer of traces. The gloss of the color is too bright and the film is easy to peel off.

Identify the method of making a medal:

Check the information from books or online, or consult with an expert, or compare with the same authentic medal.

Identify the method of making a medal:

If you want to make a good distinction to make a medal, you need to understand it in depth. For example, historical background, process methods, design modeling, aesthetic principles, production processes, etc.

Identify the method of making a medal:

It can be distinguished from the material and density of the medal. The most important process for the production of medals is stamping blanks. The larger the tonnage of the press, the higher the density of the medals produced, and the higher smoothness and smoothness of the medals on both sides. So as long as it is careful enough, it can be discerned.

In general, in order to distinguish the true and false of making medals, it is necessary to reserve some knowledge of medals and to understand the medals in depth in order to better use the discriminating skills.