How To Use The Bottle Opener

There are many types of bottle openers. Generally, the common bottle opener is simple to use, and the bottle cap can be opened by direct use. The more complicated bottle openers are mainly used to open wine bottles with corks, such as wine and wine. How to open the wine bottle opener, the use of the wine bottle opener is as follows. The commonly used bottle opener for opening red wine is mostly a butterfly opener. It is easy to use and easy to operate. It should be noted that when the screw cone of the butterfly opener is inserted into the cork, it needs to be gently and slowly turned slowly. After entering, the screw cone is successfully screwed into the cork, and the two handles on the side of the butterfly bottle opener will automatically rise. Only the raised handle is pressed to the cork to be pulled out, and the red wine bottle is opened successfully. The bottle opener has become an inseparable part of every family life. The company has begun to give a large number of advertising bottle openers when advertising, and the printing of corporate information on the wine bottle opener can achieve a long publicity period and high frequency of use.