Introduction For 2018 Disney Holiday Pins

Holiday pins are landscape pin badges, usually sold and distributed during major festivals.

Christmas is the biggest festival of the year in Western countries and can be compared to the New Year. 

Westerners use red, green and white as the Christmas color. Every Christmas, every household must decorate with Christmas colors. Christmas gift cards are also a good way to send blessings to each others.

Since 2009, the Holiday Pin collection has been a tradition pin with Disney gift cards, which with different designs each year. 

The 2018 lapel pin design is a window design, including Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, with some special guests. They are Pluto, Goofy and its sons max, Donald, Daisy, who are decorating and wrapping gifts for Christmas.

disney holiday pin

These pin badges are treated with a transparent enamels. The windows are translucent and have white snowflakes on them, which is very holiday scene.

Each holiday pin is packed with red festive disney gift cards,makes the festive atmosphere more stronger.

disney holiday pin with gift card

You can shop at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland's designated merchandise sales area, but 2018 is passed by. So what would the holiday pins of 2019 look like? Let us look forwards to it.

If you are prepare holiday pins for your store,market, community, organization and club,welcome to contact us.

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