Joanna Brown Win World Triathlon Bronze Medal

The world’s most punishing triathlon course in Bermuda at 27th April 2019

Joanna Brown, a 26-year-old from Canada, stood out among the top 47 female triathletes in the world and won the bronze medal. This is the first time she has stood on the podium in the International Triathlon Series. In the past two seasons, Brown has won two fourth places in the World Triathlon Series.


The weather was very bad on the day of the race, and the rain poured down on the raging waters of Hamilton Harbor. It was like a tornado when it was raining.

But Brown performed very well. She became the third Canadian to win the World Triathlon Series, the first time since Kirsten Sweetland won the bronze medal in Hamburg, Germany in 2014. Paula Findlay won five World Triathlon series between the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

The gold medal winner was Katie Zaferes from the United States who won the match at 1:59:52. The British Jessica Learmonth won the silver medal at 2:01.33.

Below are two different color finishing for bronze medal at international events.

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