Katinka Won 300 World Clup Gold Swimming Medals

The 2019-2020 FINA World Cup Swimming Championships in Kazan Station ended in Beijing yesterday. HOSSZU Katinka reached the women's 200m butterfly championship and achieved her personal World Cup 300 gold medals.

 HOSSZU Katinka 300  gold medal winner

In the Huo Suben competition, she won three gold medals. She won the women's 200m butterfly championship with 2 minutes and 08.23 seconds. This is the 300th gold medal she won in the swimming World Cup. Subsequently, she won the women's 200m individual medley championship with 2 minutes 09.50 seconds, and also won the women's 400m individual medley gold medal with 4 points and 36.77 seconds.

2019 FINA (2).jpg

2019 FINA (1).jpg

In the post-match interview, for her 300-gold record, Iron Maiden HOSSZU Katinka said with a smile: "This number is even clear and not easy. I am very happy to win. I am very passionate about swimming, thanks to the support of fans at the scene. Olympic preparations It is now fully developed and the competition is the best training."