Laser Custom Logos On EDC Door Opener

No-Touching door opener category is ripe for the picking.

Our clients have been raving about this design and want to add their brand logos on it.

Which logo finishing is most economic and durable?

That is laser engraving.


There are three main advantages for laser engrave finishing

First: No mould charge and set up fee, compare to mould engrave or silk printing, laser engrave finishing with obvious advantage is there is no set up fee.

Second: Fast leadtime,we can finish 300pcs laser engraving logo products within 1 hour. which is save a lots of time for production.

Third: Durable,because laser engraving is deeped engraved in metal,this logo will durable.

Products photos

Below are gold and silver door openers with lasering logo

laser logo finishing on door opener-awardsgift.jpg

laser logo edc door openers.jpg


On this video you will see how laser engraving logo be done on door openers.

Small order quantity is accept,welcome custom demand and logo request: