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Today is the second day of Canton fair Phase 2,many foreign importers came to the exhibition to find suitable new suppliers and cooperation opportunities.

The second phase is divided into 3 categories of products:Consumer Goods/Gifts/Home Decorations

On Gifts and Premiums category,there are:

- Polyresen Crafts

- Traditional Chinese Art Crafts: Cloisonne, Lacquerware & Lacquer Engraving, Craft Fans, Craft Lights, Four Treasures of Study (Writing Brushes, Inksticks, Inkslabs and Paper), Hair and Hair Products, Embroidery, Vases, Tea Sets, Wine Sets, Carving Handicrafts, Clay Sculptures, Ethnic Handicrafts, Natural Crafts, Other Art Crafts

- Jewellery, Bone Carvings and Jade Sculptures: Jewelry: Gemstones, Pearls, Jewellery Raw Materials, Gold & Silver; Bone Carvings and Jade Sculptures; Yak and Buffalo Bones, Horse Bones, Camel Bones, Hawksbill Turtle Shells, Deer Horns, Corals, Mother-of-Pearls and Other Carvings and Sculpture Products of Animal Origin, Jade Carvings

- Marketing Gifts and Premiums: Marketing Premiums, Medals and Badges, Souvenirs, Key Rings, Key Cases, Notebooks

- Paper and Wrappings: Calendars, Wall Calendars, Desktop Calendars, Cards, Gift Boxes, Gift Packages, Handicraft Paper, Paper Bags, Ribbons, Gift Wrapping Papers

Awards Gift CO.,LTD is leading market gifts and premiums manufactory in mainland China,our factory is close to Guangzhou,if you are looking for good price and high quality supplier for medals,lapel pins,badges,coins,keyrings,bottle openers,metal tags,pvc luggage tags,lanyards,wristbands,welcome to visit us.

Any assistance please email us: info@awardsgift.com or call us: +86 18825769848 

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