Limited Edition Tokyo 2020 Olympic Pin Sets

After a lapse of 56 years, Japan once again won the right to host the Olympic Games and became the only country in Asia to have two Olympic Games.

Like the 1964 Olympics badge, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic badge is also a very popular Olympic souvenir gift.


The Olympic badge introduced today has a special commemorative significance. Because it is a limited edition, there are only 2020 sets in the world, yes, 2020 sets.(Year of Olympic)



It is a frameset, with five gold pin badges inside, each pin badge with different color, that is blue, black, red, yellow, green, the same color as Olympic ring.because of limited edition, each pin badge with a unique serial number at the backside.



There is a stand at the backside of the frame, so this pin set can displaying on your table or cabinet.


So what is cost for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Official Pin Badge Set?

It is $128/set on Japan Trend Shop.

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price for Tokyo 2020 olympic pin badge set