Mac Coin For 50th Anniversary Of McDonald

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of its classic product, Bigger Burger (BIG MAC), McDonald's released "MacCoin" in the United States.


This is a copper metal medal issued by McDonald's, According to Steve Easterbrook, president of the McDonald Group, the MacCoin was inspired by the Big Mac Index.

Since the birth of a privately run McDonald's restaurant 50 years ago, Big Mac has swept the world. From Shanghai to Chicago, people all over the world are enjoying the deliciousness and happiness it brings. So we hope this commemoration It can be as distinctive as this burger," Steve Easterbrook said. "The release of MacCoin not only commemorates this world-famous product through a special way of currency, but also gives people around the world a chance to enjoy Big Mac for free."

According to McDonald's, the MacCoin will be released in five varieties, each symbolizing the 10-year history of Big Mac since its birth.

mac coin

Among them, 

1968-1978 symbolizes the "Flower Power" against the Vietnam War; 

1978-1988 symbolizes the popular culture of the 1980s;

1988-1998 symbolizes the bold and abstract art style at the time;

1998-2008 symbolizes the rapid development of the Millennium Technology;

2008-2018 symbolizes a new era of social networking.


According to McDonald's official arrangements,at 2nd August 2018, MacCoin will be available for free at more than 14,000 McDonald's stores in more than 50 countries and regions. Each Mac Coin will be given a random purchase.

Of course, if you don't want it, you can return it to McDonald's store by the end of 2018 in exchange for a free Big Mac.

But such a commemorative coin, maybe you will collect it, by the way, do a full set of collections, right?