Matt Gold Medallion For Disney Princess 10K

The Disney Princess Enchanted 10K Medallion has the princess "Pocahontas" pattern and design on the front of the medal.


 Disney princess 10K medallion

Photo copyright belongs to Disney


Pocahontas is the princess in the movie "Pocahontas". Her real name is Matoaka. Pocahontas is actually her nickname, meaning "playful", "naughty". She is beautiful and kind, and loves nature and fellow people. She is one of Powhatan's favorite daughters. She is the Algonquian Indians (Virginia, Algonquian Indians) An important chief of the Powatans).


Adapted from real historical events, Pocahontas tells the story of Indian princess Bulgari, who rescued British explorers and resolved an interracial war.


This medal, plated with a layer of matt gold, looks like a golden desert. Very suitable for the story background of Pocahontas.


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