National Geographic 2019 Earth Day Race Medals

April 22, 2019 is the 50th Earth Day, with the theme of “cherishing the beautiful earth to protect natural resources”.

In order to provide young people with environmental awareness, National Geographic 2019 Earth Day holds a public welfare road with the theme of “PLANET OR PLASTIC? – Rejecting Plastic Planet”. The competition is divided into 5 km adult “Eco Hero Group” and 3 km Parent-child “Earth Guardian” Group], the comparison will be held on April 27th at the Daning Tulip Park in Shanghai.

Although the strength of a person is small, but the power of a group of people, the power of a generation is continuously passed on to the next generation, our planet will become even better.

National Geographic provides complete competition equipment for each contestant including: 2019 National Geographic Earth Day Run Memorial Shirt, Sports Beam Backpack, Sports Socks, Activity Life Insurance, Bib, and Finisher Medals.


The medal for the adult group is 1 piece, 2 sides design, with 5K and RUN features bothsides

5KM run finisher medals

There are 2 medals in the group, which are prepared for parents and children.

3KM run finisher medals

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