New Catalogue Product Phone Grip & Stand

How many hours did you personally watch on your mobile phone?

Personally i spend more than 4 hours a day using mobile phones. Except for 8 hours of work time, 2 hours of meal time and 8 hours of sleep time, it seems that all of my rest time is spent on the mobile phone, even if there is only 1 hour, without a mobile phone is still suffering.

There can do everything i want to do: Chat with friends, shop online, watch Tiktok, Instagram,Facebook, Youtube and other interesting things.

putting the phone on my face

I hate lying on the bed, scrolling on screen and suddenly putting the phone on my face. It happened many times. it hurts! 

Is it fault for cellphone? No,i can't blame my cellphone,it save me from boring life. 

Is it fault for my hand? No, i can't blame myself : (

Until i have this airbag pop phone grip,it can ensure that i will not lose the grip of your phone, and can scroll continuously for several hours!

Phone Grip 2020 (2).jpg

eco pop phone grip (3).jpg

Since then, I fell in love with this popsocket and always brought a few pieces in my handbag.

In addition to mobile phone brackets,it can be IPAD brackets, car brackets, etc.

This product is very popular among young people, so many fashion brands and companies have launched their own brand airbag bracket phone grips.

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