Reasons To Pick Us To Make 2020 Marathon Medals

5 reasons to select Awards Gift CO.,LTD factory to make 2020 marathon medals


If you have events at Feb 2020,now it is time to make marathon medals.there are many advantages to chose us as your supplier.


First,Rich experience


Do you know material for 2019 Boston marathon medals?

Do you know what is London marathon medal looks like?

Do you know the quantity for 2020 Belfast City Marathon medal?

Do you know medal design for 2020 cuba half marathon?


No matter what you know or not,but we know!!!

Awards Gift CO.,LTD is leading and professional marathon medal producer,we focus on medal production and designs over 8 years.


Second,Advanced production equipments


In 2019, our company installed two automatic zinc alloy die-casting machines, and in the 2020, we will install more,we plan that 80% of our equipment are automatically.


Third,New environmentally friendly materials

We refuse to use secondary production materials and refuse to use low-cost, unqualified materials.

All material we used to produce medals,such as iron / brass / zinc alloy,all eco friendly materials that meet EU environmental standards.


Forth,We are a qualified manufacturer of sewage treatment and production environmental assessment.

In 2019,Chinese government have strict policy about environment inspection,many factory which not pass the inspection has been closed or move to other place.our factory have certificate from government because we are pass the sewage treatment and production environmental assessment.


Fifth,Cheap shipping cost AND fast delivery.

Freight costs play an important role for import orders.especially for medal,because of heavy weight.

Awards Gift CO.,LTD have good discount from internation express company such as DHL / FEDEX / UPS.


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