Selection Of Cuff Links

Matching skills: Cufflinks are available in a variety of styles, in addition to the usual round and square shapes, as well as threads, water droplets, flower shapes and irregular shapes. The patterns are also ever-changing and difficult to enumerate. The styles are not the same, elegant, playful, unruly, etc. When choosing cufflinks, you should pay attention to:

1. Cufflinks should be matched according to the color of the shirt and suit;

2. Try to select the cufflinks of the same color with tie clips and belt buckles;

3. Choose cufflinks according to the different styles of attendance. (For example, a more formal occasion, you can choose a round circle with a generous point, square gray, black, silver, blue, etc.)

Usually, gold cufflinks with white shirts, black suits will look noble, silver blue, pink, or black shirts will be elegant, while black cufflinks are versatile, with a variety of color shirts, also Very fashionable.