Sierra Leone Marathon Finisher Medals

22-27 MAY 2019 - MARATHON ON 26 MAY

At the end of May, Street Child is organizing the Sierra Leone Marathon for the seventh time, a unique running event in which hundreds of participants travel to Sierra Leone to run for a common charity

The finisher medal is special with local design as is finisher medal photos in 2017



The marathon takes place in Makeni, the third largest city in Sierra Leone where Street Child started the first projects a few years ago. Participants walk on partly unpaved roads through the jungle and past small villages, where they are encouraged by the local tribes and highfived by the children. And after that? Then of course you relax on one of the most beautiful bounty beaches in West Africa!


Every child is an angel, and their smiles are so pure and warm. Their happiness is so simple.

You can't imagine how these children learn in what kind of classroom and environment. They have not enjoyed the so-called equality since birth.

 Sierra leone marathon

The proceeds of the event will go to Street Child's humanitarian projects. We believe that every child has the right to a safe home base and access to education. By participating in the Sierra Leone Marathon you can give children a better future!





We welcome more and more people join this events and raised more money to change these child's is link for this events.