Spacex Assignment Badge With 4-leaf Clover

The aerospace enthusiasts may know that 2008 was a watershed for SpaceX, because the company's first three rocket launches ended in failure.

The miracle appeared at 23:15 on September 28, 2008. Just one month after the last failure, the Falcon was launched for the fourth time, and a fire dragon illuminates the night. The rocket did not explode and successfully entered the established orbit. Most of the employees in the room shed tears, including Musk, and also included TV viewers watching CNN live.

We all know that the successful launch of Falcon 1 marks SpaceX as the world's first privately-owned company to successfully launch a launch vehicle into Earth orbit. This is not only the success of a rocket company, but also a success in the history of human space. SpaceX did what only nine countries and an international agency (ESA) could do at the time.

But what you may not know is that after the failure of the first three Falcons 1 launches, they accidentally placed a four-leaf clover on the fourth space mission badge. It was that the launch was a success, so each of the subsequent mission badges had a lucky four-leaf clover, and the four-leaf clover even became the SpaceX company's tradition, which was followed by the first successful launch of the Falcon 1 rocket. Follow down.

space X badge design