The Design Of 2016 Rio Olympic Medals

When the whole world focus their eyes are on the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, do you remember the 2016 Rio Olympic medals?

The Rio de Janeiro Olympic Organizing Committee announced the Rio Olympic medals in Brazil on June 14, 2016.In front of the Olympic medal design is the statue of victory, and the leaves of the laurel symbolize the back of the medal rio.

gold silver copper 2016 rio medals.jpg

2016 rio olympic medals.jpg

The medal rio 2016 has a diameter of 85 mm, a center thickness of 11 mm, an edge thickness of 6 mm and a weight of 500 g. Among them, 6 grams of gold and 494 grams of silver.

The Olympic medal making process is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The gold used in the gold medal does not use mercury during the refining process, while the silver and bronze medals use 30% recycled material. The medal lanyard is made from recycled plastic bottles.

The wooden medal box looks like a seed, and the wood used is a recyclable resource certified by the relevant forest protection agency.

medal wood box

The Olympic and Paralympic Games won a total of 2,488 medals, including 812 gold medals, 812 silver medals and 864 bronze medals.

olympic medals

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