The Most Fashionable High Heels Bottle Opener

Stella luna high heel.jpg

My mother said it’s dangerous to wear high-heeled shoes

It’s true,to have so many men looking at me is really dangerous.

                                                                                             --- Stella Luna

High heels can make women addicted and make men crazy. And this pair of high-heeled shoes with a bottle opener will definitely make the crowd boil.


With this pair of bottle opener high heels, walking out, you are the most fashionable person on the street.

High heel with bottle opener (2).jpg

High heel with bottle opener (1).jpg

But how to use this special bottle opener to open beer ?

You can't take off your boots in the crowd, it will look unsightly. 

You should sit down quietly, lift your left leg and place it on your right leg, then bring a bottle of beer and open it.

You are the party queen !

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