The Way To Find The Quality Badge Manufacturer

When you plan to make custom lapel pin,badge & insigina,you may searching “Badge & Insiginia factory" on line,there are thousands of website pages all purporting to be your one-stop supplier for custom badge & insiginia,while which one is your best choice?

How to find the best custom badge manufacturer to make your lapel pin,badges & insiginia?

There are many factors will help you make decision.

 type of badges lapel pins


What is professional? Not only based on years of experience that this company engaged in produce lapel pins,but also the salesman who communicate you.this man is key between you and factory.a professional salesman will understand you request well and make suitable suggestion.


Effective Feedback

High-effective feedback is most important part of customer service.Awards Gift CO.,LTD guarantee 2-12hours feedback time because of time difference.


Rush order capability

Some time you may need trading pins for event or competition urgently,it is very important that this company with Flexible production scheduling capability to do rush order,Awardsgift have special production line only for sample and rush order.if you have rush order please inform us delivery date at first.

High quality standard

Before packing,there are 6 times quality test.we guarantee that each pin reach on your hand in good quality.


Reliable transportation service

Last but not least,reliable shipping service.We have Signed cooperation with three major international freight delivery time 1 days to Southeast Asia(Singapore,Thailand, Malaysia...) 2days to Europe and North America (uk,France,Germany,USA...) 3days to other countries.



We hope to provide best quality products and excellent service to you start from now !


Awards Gift CO.,LTD