Wallet Maintenance Of Various Money Clip Materials

Wallets are mainly made from animal leather, with leather wallets and sheepskin wallets being the most common. However, due to the different processing techniques, the quality of the processed leather is different, so the specific maintenance methods are not the same. Here are a few common leathers and maintenance methods:

Wrinkled patent leather

Characteristics: Crumpled paint is produced in Italy and is popular in countries such as Europe and America. Wrinkle paint leather in the process of leather, first soften the skin, then paint, wrinkles such as broken tempered glass, soft skin without losing the characteristics of cowhide.

Maintenance: wrinkle patent leather is made of neutral resin paint, so it is not easy to fade, the surface is not easy to absorb water, and it is convenient to maintain. It can be cleaned with clean wet cloth and soft cloth without velvet. Do not use brightener or shoe milk. Maintenance, because the brightener will cause the fake coating to fall off, the shoelace will make the upper of the shoe.

Snake leather

Characteristics: Snake grain cowhide is native to Italy. It is a cowhide coating with a printing and filming process. Currently used are snake-stained cow leather and snake-striped sheep leather.


Maintenance is easier, with shoe polish and leather polish to prevent hard changes.

Ostrich cowhide

Characteristics: The ostrich cowhide is native to Italy and is embossed into an ostrich skin pattern. The ostrich skin has a unique pattern and a strong three-dimensional effect, but the leather is thin and the extension is poor.

Maintenance: The surface of the ostrich cowhide is uncoated, the leather making process is similar to that of the waxing leather, and the maintenance method can be carried out by using the waxing skin maintenance method.

Water stained leather

Characteristics: Water-stained leather and waxed leather are produced in Spain and India. The surface of the waxed leather is not decorated, but only dyed. After polishing with waxed water, the surface of the wax is clear, and the three-dimensional effect is strong and the hand feels smooth.

Maintenance: water-stained leather and waxed leather are uncoated leather materials. They are easy to absorb water and stains. The color is more prominent. When wearing, pay attention to avoid water stains or other stains, keep the upper clean and not rain.

Light cowhide, black leather

Characteristics: Light cowhide and black-faced cowhide are produced in Italy. The coating on the surface of the light cowhide is made of resin chemical material, and pearl powder or metal powder is added into the resin to make the surface of the skin appear golden glittering effect. The characteristics of the black skin are the same as those of the light cowhide, except that the surface coating treatment is different.

Maintenance: It is best not to wear below 5 °C, the best to wear above 10 °C, this temperature coating is not easy to break; surface maintenance is best to use colorless high-grade shoe milk, can not be used to maintain the brightener products, otherwise it will Causes the pseudo coating to fall off.

Dark sheepskin

Characteristics: Dark-skinned sheepskin, also known as two-color effect leather, is produced in Spain. The two-color effect refers to the texture of the skin such as marble, such as water, especially

The finished product releases the beauty of nature, which makes people look back from no matter what angle.

Maintenance: The method is relatively easy, with better shoe milk and shoe cream, the color is preferably colorless.